The World's Most Advanced Meme Generation Tool

yo CAP! is the most advanced meme and photo captioning tool on the market. Best of all its 100% free! It has some advanced features in the paid version which allow you to have total control over where your captions will appear on the photo and what they will look like. The advanced editor allows you to apply special effects to your photos as well as allowing you to change the fonts, font colours, stoke size, character spacing and stroke colors. The advanced editor also allows you to crop, zoom, rotate and position your photos exactly how you want them. It gives you 100% control over your photos unlike other meme creation tools out there! There are also extension packs available for purchase at really cheap prices which give you access to a variety of bordered and demotivational templates or you can choose from one of our font expansion packs. New packs are being released all the time so keep an eye out for them when you update your app. yo CAP! has support for multiple languages and new languages are being planned for future releases too. In summary, if you want the best photo captioning tool available, then yo CAP! is the tool for you.

Product Comparison

The free version of the application is great as is, however, the Pro Version unlocks a whole new level of functions which gives you total control over your memes.
Free Go Pro
Align Text
Change Font Size
Change Stroke Size
Change Stroke Size
Change Font Character Spacing
Access to Colored Border Templates
Access to Demotivational Templates
Change Font Color
Change Font Type
Pan, Zoom, Rotate and Crop Images
Apply Image Effects
Reposition Captions
Removal Of Advertisements

Expansion Packs Available

If you want more templates to generate your memes from, then you can unlock one of our expansion packs. If you want different fonts to choose from when creating your memes, then grab one of our font expansion packs. These expansion packs are getting upgraded frequently with new items and when you purchase them, you will get these updates as well! We are also constantly adding new packs, so keep an eye out for them!
Our bordered template packs give you:
  • Extra colors
  • Extra colors for the demotivational templates
  • Custom imaged borders
Also, our current font expansion packs give you access to different styles of fonts such as:
  • Grafitti and Handwriting Styles
  • Science Fiction Styles
  • Asian Styles (These are not actual asian fonts, but have an oriental theme to them)
  • Comic Book Sytles


Currently yo CAP! is available from iTunes for both iPhone and iPad.


We are currently creating a support forum for yo CAP! If you have any issues, questions or product requests, then please send an email to